What is TASTE?

The TASTE (Telepathological ASsessment of histopathological and cytological TEchniques) project aims at developing a novel tele-pathology system by means of modern ICTs (technological platform and repository of high quality images and slides). The TASTE project is addressed to technicians working with histological and cytological preparations and doctors specialized in anatomic pathology, but also to students as future professionals in these fields.


Histological and cytological preparations are the basis for pathological diagnosis performed in daily practice throughout Europe in a number of several millions per year and correctness and reproducibility of such diagnosis are heavily dependent on the technical quality. Yet, quality is variable in different places and countries, related to school level, technicians’ dedication, standard of apparatuses and reagents. What is even more important, variation in technical quality of the preparations prevents their open circulation at European level.

The TASTE project tackles these problems by building-up an ICT environment TASTE System whereby doctors, technicians and students from different countries will submit via Web, using Tele-pathology procedures featuring “virtual slides”,  the microscopic images of their own preparations to a panel of internationally-recognized experts who will give comments and suggestions. Practicing pathologists as well as Residents in Anatomic Pathology will be involved.


The Exchange of images will start with basic routine stains (Haematoxylin-Eosin stained slides, Papanicolaou-stained smears) in order to check quality and reproducibility of fixation, processing and staining procedures. The program will then proceed with more sophisticated techniques such as immunohistochemical and FISH preparations.


We expect that the present approach (unprecedented at world level) will fuel a Web-based community comprehensive of students and staff personnel, aimed to a levelling and improvement of histopathological and cytopathological preparations, thus leading to an innovative training and more reproducible diagnosis, a basic requisite for disease treatment.

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